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We appreciate your interest in Books In Store and trust the enclosed material will benefit you when choosing an inventory control system.

Books In Store quite happily resides in your IBM-compatible equipment and included in this web-site are some suggested hardware selections. We will be pleased to review your individual requirements in detail.

When planning for an inventory system, you should budget for three major areas:

  • Books In Store's software license fee plus travel and accommodations. Lease-purchase is also available.

  • The computers and associated equipment.

  • Original data acquisition - see the webpage entitled Creating your original database. Existing databases converted at a nominal charge.

Compared to the most popular system, Books In Store has more features, more capacity, and more speed, at approximately half the price. Please feel free to give us a call at (800) 964-4343, or email us at sales@booksinstore.com, for more information.

Cordially yours,
Books In Store, Inc.



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